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XXII. Read the dialogue and answer the questions: how many members are there in Ann’s family? Who are they? Is her family happy?

On the phone


Ann: Hi, daddy! It’s Ann speaking.

Dad: Good evening, Anny. How are you?

Ann: I’m fine. What is granny doing? How is she? Please, congratulate her with her birthday, will you?

Dad: We are all fine! Granny is watching TV. You know, she always watches a serial at this hour. Robert and Daniel are quarreling in their room.

Ann: Oh, those twins! They do nothing but fight and quarrel and make up every minute. So they don’t get on with each other, do they? What are you and mum doing?

Dad: I’m repairing Robert’s bike, mum is cooking the birthday dinner: we are receiving granny’s friends today. Do you hear Daniel and Robert are rehearsing (репетируют) their new song for the guests?

Ann: Are they? That will be great! I guess that’s the reason of their quarrel: they can’t share the guitar…Well, dad, don’t be upset. I’ll soon come home on my winter holiday and keep my brothers company.

Dad: You are always joking, Ann! We miss you so much.

Ann: Me too. Daddy, wait a minute, please. I remember you and mum got married on the very day that granny had her birthday, didn’t you?

Dad: Oh, Anny, you are right. But we are not celebrating any anniversary (юбилей) now.

Ann: It doesn’t matter. I believe our family is getting closer year by year. Can I congratulate the happy couple? And give my regards to everybody! Bye-bye!

Dad: Thank you and bye-bye!


XXIII. Agree or disagree using: I think I agree

I believe it’s right

I’m afraid I can’t agree

I don’t think so

1. It was dad who phoned Ann.

2. Everybody in Ann’s family is fine.

3. Granny is reading a magazine.

4. Mum is making tea.

5. Daniel is playing the piano and Robert is dancing.

6. The family is soon receiving guests.

7. Dad and mum are celebrating their marriage anniversary.

8. Granny is having her birthday party in the evening.

9. Ann is worring about her brothers.

10. Nobody is missing Ann.

11. Dad is repairing his car.

12. Ann is congratulating the twins with their birthday.

13. Ann is always joking.

14. Ann’s family is unfriendly.

15. She is giving her regards to everybody in her family.



Part II

XXIV. Choose Simple Present or Continuous Present. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct forms:

1. The twins never (quarrel).

2. Listen! They (quarrel).

3. Granny always (watch) TV in the afternoon.

4. … she (watch) it now?

5. … Robert and Daniel always (share) a room?

6. … they (share) the guitar now?

7. They often (fight) with each other.

8. What … they (do) at the moment? …they (make up)?

9. Every year the family (celebrate) granny’s birthday.

10. I hear noise and music. … the family (celebrate) granny’s birthday?

11. Robert (ride) a bike all the year round except winter.

12 . Look! He (ride) a bike.

13. – … you (receive) guests now?

- Yes, we (do) it every October.

14. Ann never (miss) classes.

15. What are you doing here? Why … you (miss) Physics?


XXV. Before listening to the interviews study the vocabulary and say what topic will be discussed:

1. wouldn’t want any more – не хотел бы больше

2. someone else - кто-нибудь еще

3. although - хотя

4. to look out for - присматривать, заботиться

5. to bully - дразнить, задираться

6. to get bullied - подвергаться дразнению

7. the same things - то же самое

8. to look alike - быть похожими

9. to get (feel) lonely - чувствовать себя одиноким

10. to cheer smb.up - подбадривать кого-либо

11. 9. to get on smb’s nerves - действовать кому-либо на нервы

12. to keep doing smth. – продолжать делать что-либо

13. to get to hold - взять подержать

14. to be annoying - быть раздражающим

15. to fall out (quarrel) - ссориться

16. I wish I had … - мне бы хотелось, чтобы у меня была …

17. a pool - бассейн


XXVI. There are 4 speakers (David and Robert, Jane and Jessica). Listen what they speak about their siblings and answer the questions: 1).What siblings has Speaker A (B, C, D) got? 2). Does he/she like it?


XXVII. Listen once more and tick the activities and feelings David, Robert, Jane and Jessica said about in their interviews:

Speaker A: keep smb.company Speaker C: get on


play football

go shopping be a single child

go skating cheer sb. up

fight with sb. to want to have a sister

get lonely look alike

want to have more siblings fall out

look out for sb.

get bullied

look alike


Speaker B: cheer sb.up Speaker D: play computer games

do homework like the same things

get lonely fight

get on sb’s nerves get bullied

keep coming into sb’s room play in the pool

be upset get on sb’s nerves

be annoying go shopping

play in the pool be a single child


XXVIII. Look at the promptings (подсказки) and say who is Speaker A (B, C, D)?

David has got 3 brothers

Jane has got 3 sisters and a brother

Robert has got a brother and a sister

Jessica has got a sister


XXIX. Fill in the gaps using the words below:

1. In a big family you always have somebody to … .

2. When I was 8 I used to … my younger brother. Our mum … about it.

3. When my younger sister … at school I always … her.

4. Nobody believes that we are sisters – we …

5. We are twins and like doing …

6. My little brother can be … but I don’t want to be …

7. I am sure if I feel lonely my brother will …

8. Robert and Daniel always … but later they make up.

9. Don’t … anybody – next time you will get bullied.

10. She keeps coming into my room every minute! She … !

11. I’m the only child in our family. I … a brother!


· don’t look alike

· get the same things

· bully

· I wish I had

· cheer me up

· keep you company

· a single child

· gets on my nerves!

· fight with

· was upset

· look out for her

· annoying

· get bullied

· fall out


XXX. Speak about your parents (relatives) using the model. Change the underlined words. Use the verbs in the Present Simple and Present Continuous tenses.

Model:St.A – What is your mum doing now?

St.B – I think she is working now. She always works at this hour. What about yours?

St.A - I think my mum is jogging now. She always joggs at this hour.

XXXI. Answer the questions and speak about your siblings (cousins):

1. Have you got any siblings (cousins)?

2. Who are they? (names, age, relations)

3. How many years are your siblings older (younger) than you?

4. Do you look alike? (Compare your appearance, characters)

5. Do you share a room with your siblings or you’ve got your own one?

6. Do you like the same things? What are they?

7. What do you usually do together?

8. Do you quarrel? Why?

9. Who is usually the first to make up?

10. Would you like to be a single child? Why?

11. What interesting events can you remember which are connected with your siblings?

12. How do you usually celebrate your family holidays?


XXXII. Put “plus” if the activity helps unite (объединить) the family. Put “minus” if the activity spoils (портит) the family relations:

· watching TV/DVD doing sports together

· cleaning and tiding up the flat doing the shopping together

· looking out for little kids taking care of pets

· quarreling helping in gardening

· cooking family meals bulling

· having family meals being annoyed about parents’ advice

· doing things separately keeping coming into sb’s room

· receiving guests walking in nature

· arranging picnics building a house


XXXIII. Read Barbara’s letter and give her advice about a possible way to improve (улучшить) the situation:

I love everyone in my family, and they are nice to me. However, there’s something that troubles me a lot and makes me feel lonely. There’s no sense of family in our house.We never fight with each other, and there are no family rows (скандалы). We try not to get on each other’s nerves, but we never do anything together. Everyone is occupied with their own business. Mum does some cooking, looks through some papers or discusses something with her colleagues on the phone. Dad either watches TV or repairs his car. My brother, who is eight, draws something or plays computer games. As for me, I just feel bored and lonely. To conceal (чтобы скрыть) it I pretend to be very busy with my homework, or go out even if I don’t feel like it at all.

Is it the same in other families? If you happen to have some ideas on how to help us, I’d be greatfull.




Useful language:

From my personal experience I can say… - Из моего личного опыта я могу сказать …

It can be interesting to different generations … - Это может быть интересно для разных


To involve everyone in … - Чтобы вовлечь всех …

I suppose everyone will enjoy … - Мне кажется всем понравится …


Why don’t you arrange … ? - Почему бы вам не организовать

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