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Define the function of the Infinitive. Translate the sentences.

1. To develop a new submersible craft with a manipulator is not an easy task. 2. To develop the supercomputer highly developed electronics and new materials were required. 3. One of the best ways to keep the car speed steady is to use a computer. 4. Experiments helped Mendeleev to discover the properties of new chemical elements. 5. Francis Chichester was the first to sail round the world by himself. 6. Some materials with new useful properties may be produced in space. 7. A special electronic device signals the engine to stop. 8. Radar may control the brakes to avoid collisions with other cars. 9. High temperature alloys make it possible for jet engines to be operating under severe conditions for a long period of time. 10. Recently a radar to be mounted on cars has been developed. 11. To help helicopters and aircraft find the capsule, its upper part is covered with special paint which can be detected by radar. 12. The radar detects the stationary objects ahead of the car to warn the driver about them and slow down the speed.

Choose the sentences with the Infinitive in the function of an object and attribute.

1. To design, construct and operate a laser system is a great technological achievement. 2. To protect the water resources, forests and atmosphere several laws were passed in Russia in the 1970’s. 3. A very interesting problem is to produce a practically limitless source of communication. 5. There are projects to use lasers for long distance communication. 5. Automation makes it possible to obtain and develop new sources of energy. 6. To combine laser and thermonuclear reaction is a very interesting problem for the scientists in many countries. 7.Lasers to be placed on Earth satellites will transform solar radiation into laser beams. 8. To put some projects with lasers in operation great technological difficulties must be overcome. 9. One of the ways to make planes as economical as possible is to lighten the aircraft by using new composite materials. 10. Signals to be measured must be strong enough.

Translate the sentences paying attention to the non-finite forms.

1. The new system developed increased the safety and efficiency of a car. 2. The laser’s most important potential use may be its long distance communication applications. 3. Provided the problem of using laser for controlled thermonuclear reaction were solved, the capacity of the pulse received would be much greater than all the world’s power plant capacity. 4. All a pilot needs to do is to tune to radio transmitters and he will get direction signals he needs. 5. One of the problems scientists are working at is to transmit energy to space stations by using lasers. 6. A hypersonic aircraft will require complicated cooling measures because of the extreme temperatures appearing. 7. Aircraft designers are interested in all kinds of new materials that are strong enough to be used for high-speed airliners. 8. Noise and vibration are also the problems to be faced by designers of hypersonic craft. 9. Besides, there is one more problem to be studied – that of surface cooling. 10. The ordinary aircraft windows would make the future superliner structure too weak to withstand great stresses developed.

Translate the sentences paying attention to Complex Object.

1. We know Morse to have been a painter by profession. 2. Scientists expect laser to solve the problem of controlled thermonuclear reaction. 3. M. Faraday supposed a beam of light to reverse its polarization as it passed through a magnetized crystal. 4. Designers expect dirigibles to be used for exploration of new territories. 5. Engineers suppose a new “night vision” system to enable drivers to see better after dark. 6. Scientists believe new laser devices to be widely used in medicine. 7. We know the first digital optical disks to have been produced in 1982 as disks for music.

Translate the sentences.

I. 1. Hundreds of radio navigation stations watch the airplanes find their destination and land safely. 2. Twice a year people see birds fly south and north, but we don’t know how they find their way. 3. When you stand near a working engine you feel it vibrate. 4. Making experiments with electric telegraph Morse noticed a pencil make a wavy line when connected to an electric wire.

II. 1. A force applied to a body causes it to move in a straight line. 2. The unsatisfactory results of Bell’s experiments forced him to change the method of testing. 3. The excellent properties of Damascus steel made metallurgists of the whole world look for the lost secret of the steel. 4. Very high temperatures often cause certain materials to break. 5. Bad weather conditions make pilots switch over to automatic control.

6. Translate the sentences paying attention to the structure “for + object+ infinitive”.

1. The students were waiting for the lecturer to describe the properties of a new composite material. 2. It is for you to decide which of the two methods to use. 3. It is necessary for the students to know the properties of various alloys. 4. A system of satellites is provided for people to watch the central TV program.

Translate the sentences paying attention to Complex Subject.

a) 1. Students of Cambridge are supposed to wear gowns at lectures. 2. The first pocket.-size colour television sets were reported to have been developed. 3. Today’s aircraft is expected to be replaced by a new model of hypersonic aircraft by the 2000. 4. Intensive research on optical-electronic computer is said to be going on in a number of US companies. 5. A method for recording information on crystal by means of laser is known to have been developed by a Russian researcher. 6. The annual output of personal computers is expected to reach millions in the nearest future. 7. Laser is known to be a device producing an intensive beam of light by amplifying radiation. 8. Optical technology has been found to be cost-effective. 9. The optical equivalent of a transistor is reported to have been produced.

b) 1. Our present-day life seems to be quite impossible without telephone, radio and television. 2. Nowadays the principle of radio operation seems to be quite simple. 3. The term “radio” is known to be composed of the first letters of “radio, detection and ranging”. It happens to reflect its basic principle, that is, the location of an object at a distance. 4. About 50 per cent of Lake Baikal water prove to have been polluted since the Baikal plant has begun its work. 5. Lasers appeared to be highly useful for solving the problem of controlled thermonuclear reaction and communication. 6. A system of Earth satellites appears to have solved the problem of transmitting the central TV programme to any part of the world. 7. Electricity proved to be able to travel instantly over a long piece of wire.

c) 1. Dirigibles are likely to be used for taking tourists to distant and beautiful places. 2. Lasers are likely to be used in our everyday life soon. 3. Superconductivity is certain to bring about a new technological revolution.

Translate the sentences.

1. Designers report a new manned craft to be able to submerge to the depth of 21,000 feet. A new manned craft is reported to be able to submerge to the depth of 21,000 feet. 2. We know radio navigation stations to be located at different places around the world to guide the pilots. Radio navigation stations are known to be located all over the world to guide the pilots. 3. People considered dirigibles to be too slow and unreliable, that is why they were not used for a long time. Dirigibles were considered to be slow and unreliable. 4. Experts expect the new submersible craft to move round the ocean floor like a sports car. The new submersible craft is expected to move round the ocean floor like a sports car. 5. Scientists in many countries consider propeller engines to be much more economical. Propeller engines are considered much more economical. 6. We know propeller planes to fly slower than jet planes, therefore, a new ventilator engine with a propeller has been built. But as propeller planes are known to fly slower than jet planes a new ventilator engine with a propeller has been built.

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