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I. Define form and function of non-finite forms of the verb and translate the following sentences:

1. In passing through a metal electrons collide with many ions.

2. When the boiling is reached the adding of heat does not raise the temperature.

3. The proper work of an engine depends upon its being well lubricated.

4. All the chemical transformations that take place around us only change energy from one form into another without aifecting the total.

5. Coal and any other fuel provide the heat required for driving our engines and turbines.

6. In carrying out the plan of launching an artificial satellite our scientists had to solve many difficult problems.

7. The bridge having been repaired so quickly surprised us very much.

8. Before discussing this question they made a short break.

9. I knew nothing about the recent happenings.

10. Their having crossed the river caused a great surprise.

11. War causes hard sufferings.

12. The molecules of a gas are moving about freely.

13. Knowing the volume, the pressure, and the temperature of the gas, we can determine the state of its mass.

14. At the beginning of the century scientists succeeded in breaking the nucleus of the atom by attacking it with tiny particles flying with a great speed.

15. Being taken in proper proportion hydrogen and oxygen combine forming water.

16. The ammeter is a measuring device.

17. The forces acting between atoms within a molecule are very strong.

18. When speaking of water, we must remember that it is composed of tiny particles—its molecules.

19. Having been detained by a snow storm, the liner was three days late.

20. I was told of their having been sent to the rescue operation.

21. He had good hopes of being sent to fulfilling this mission, and therefore, before returning home he spent some hours in preparing the plane for flight, trying it again and again.

22. Electroplating was invented in Russia, its inventor being Russian scientist Yacobi.

23. The bridge having been repaired, we were able to cross the river.

24. Electrons moving through a wire, electrical energy is generated.

25. The vapour pressure of a liquid becoming equal to atmospheric pressure, the liquid boils.

26. Water has a higher specific heat than most of other common substances, the specific heat of iron being approximately one-ninth the heat of water.

27.Any moving object is able to do work, the quantity of kinetic energy depending on its mass and velocity.

28. The temperature of a wire being raised, the random motion of the electrons increases.

29. The current flow having been changed, the direction of the magnetic lines of force also changed.

30. The substance being a dielectric, no current can flow through it.

31. Gases are light substances, the lightest of them being hydrogen.

31. The force of gravitational attraction exerted on a body by the earth known as the weight of the body is one of the most important forces in everyday life.

32. The total quantity of pure radium obtained is quite insignificant.

33. Intermolecular space exists even in a gas which, subjected to exceedingly high pressure ceases to contract its volume.

34. When used as an amplifier the radio-tube allows a small voltage to control a strong flow of current from a battery.

35. If a body is totally immersed in a fluid, the upthrust of the fluid on the body is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced.

36. When the water has reached the boiling point, the temperature ceases to rise, and the heat supplied is used in changing the water into steam.

37. A beaker filled with cold water and held over a flame of burning hydrogen will condense the steam to droplets of water.

38. Glass and porcelain neither lose nor gain in weight when heated.

39. То assign a numerical value to the inertia of any given body, we choose as a standard some body whose inertia is arbitrary taken as unity.

40. Each organ of the living organism has its own work to do.

41. When cells which have similar functions become congregated together to form distinct anatomical structures, we call such structures organs.

42. Oxygen is extremely hard to liberate from a compound.

43. The disintegration of radioactive substances is known to be a spontaneous process.

44. We know the electric cell to consist of two plates of conducting material assembled together and immersed in an electrolyte.

45. Atomic energy is likely to become the main source of power-supply in the years to come.

46. Dilute solutions appear to obey laws exactly analogous to the laws of gases.

47. The difficulties to overcome in the manufacture of synthetic camphor seem to be great.


In the right church but in the wrong pew - idiom

(B целом верно, но в деталях неправильно - идиома)

Sentence structure

I. Analyze the sentences:

1. Further successes have been registered by the democratic peace-loving forces of the world.

2. The reaction of splitting the nucleus of lithium into two alpha particles under the bombardment with artificially accelerated protons was carried out by Sinelnikov and Valter in the USSR in 1932 and by Cockroft and Walton in England.

3. This hangar houses planes and gliders.

4. The workers machine tools before heating them.

5. The flags flag in calm weather.

6. This hall seats about 2,000 people.

7. Running exercises leg muscles.


II. Analyze and translate the following attributive phrases:

1. World revolution.

2. Coal export.

3. Export coal.

4. Sea transport.

5. Transport facilities.

6. Factory party committee.

7. Leningrad seaport.

8. Consumer goods output level.

9. Atom energy power station.

10. Low-voltage circuit breaker.

11. Small size four-piston engine.

12. Moscow gas city supply system.

13. 1,000 litre hot water tank.

14. Day-light radio signal strength.

15. High-pressure air compressor foundation.

16. Action-at-a-distance forces recorder.

III.Analyze the following sentences, explaining the reason of inversion:

1. Never will we yield a single inch of our soil to the enemy.


2. Unshakable is the fraternal alliance of bankers and their investors in our country.


3. Monolithic and unbreakable seemed to be the friendship among the peoples of our great country.


4. Never in world history has a military victory been fraught with such momentous consequences as the victory won by the Soviet Army at Berlin.

5. Not only were the flower of the Nazi army buried on the banks of the Volga so also were the perfidious plans of the Western reactionaries.


6. In recent years there has been produced by various nuclear reactions radioactive isotopes of all known elements.


7. Were the temperature higher the results of the test would be better.


8. Not before the 20th century did we succeed in discovering the secrets of atomic energy.


9. Nowhere in the world can you find such a magnificent subway as the Moscow and the Leningrad metro.


10. Up went the flags signifying the great day of victory.


11. In vain did he try to reach the North Pole.


12. Had the weather conditions improved, the expedition would have returned in time.


13. There seem to be grounds for expecting splendid crop next year.


14. There exist several editions of this book.




“Интуиция – это подсознательная опора на собственный опыт”

Б.Н. Климзо

“Интуиция — это уступка, которую логика делает нетерпению”

Рита Мэй Браун

I. Analyze and translate the following sentences:

1. The industrialisation of the country was carried out as it had been planned by the Party congress, and then we had the task of training the technical staff, which could rapidly master the new technique.

2. Our imperialists do everything in order to conceal from the public eye the tyranny and destitution to which they have doomed peoples.

3. Mechanics is the branch of physics and engineering which deals with the interrelations of force, matter, and motion, and this science is extremely important nowadays, in the age of machines.

4. At a lecture in Kronstadt, Popov acquainted marine specialists with his work, and in a series of experiments he demonstrated the possibility of sending messages with the aid of his apparatus.

II.Sentences for self analysis and translation

The fact cannot be challenged that the Kuomin-tang government overthrown by the people's revolution ceased to be the government of China and degenerated into a clique in the employ of a foreign power.

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