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Geological Consulting to the Oil and Gas Industry

Геологическое консультирование нефтегазовой промышленности

consultant консультант

prospects поиски, разведка

teamed up with объединяться, работать сообща

concession концессионный договор

tectonic setting тектоническое положение

acreage площадь земли в акрах

dry hole непродуктивная скважина

farm-in opportunities возможность получить разрешение на поиск нефти и газа

licensed blocks земля, на которую имеется разрешение для разведки

risk assessment оценка риска

stochastic calculation вероятностные подсчеты

cumulative reserves подсчет совокупного количества нефти, добытой из скважины на определенную дату

ultimate endowment подсчет общего количества нефти, добытой из скважины за все время ее эксплуатации

depletion истощение скважины

risky venture рискованное вложение денег

cautious надежный


Task 1. Read an e-mail written by a consultant petroleum geologist, Paul Selby, to the manager of the Exploration Division of a large oil and gas company in Qatar, Adel Al-Jalawi. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

Задание 1. Прочитайте электронное письмо геолога-консультанта Пола Селби руководителю отдела разведки месторождений одной из больших нефтегазовых компаний в Катаре Адель-аль-Жалави. Какова цель писма?


Dear Mr Al-Jalawi

I contacted you just over two years ago and you were good enough to allow me time to show you some data we had assembled on prospects in the Ngosso and Iroko license areas off the coast of Cameroon. In the end, you decided not to invest in this area, but as you will know, it has become apparent since then that there are some excellent prospects here. A number of other companies have drilled wildcats and over a dozen wells are now producing. We have continued to do research offshore of Cameroon, as well as of Gabon and Equitorial Guinea, and we have now teamed up with a seismic company, Exploration Geosciences. If you would be interested in seeing our findings on more than 20 prospects in offshore West Africa, I would be delighted to make an appointment to present and discuss them in greater depth. I have attached an updated list of our main petroleum geology services. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Selby

Managing Director, Selby Geo-Prospects Ltd

Task 2. Read an extract from the attachment sent by Paul Selby. Answer the questions which topic is relevant if a company would like…:

Задание 2. Прочитайте отрывок из приложения, которое прикрепил Пол Селби к своему письму, и ответьте на вопросы:

Which topic is relevant if a company would like…

1. to have more information about areas which are already being drilled?

2. to know how much oil and gas is present in a possible oil and gas field?

3. to have detailed geological information about an oil and gas field?


These are the main services offered by Selby Geo-Prospects.

Please contact us if there are any geological or geophysical services you would like us to supply.

Regional evaluations

Countries, regions, basins, concessions. Analysis of tectonic setting, structural evolution, stratigraphy, geochemistry, petroleum systems, exploration history, reserves and future potential.

Open-acreage assessment

Exploration history, drilling results, discoveries, dry holes, reservoirs, seals, traps, source rocks, timing of migration and remaining potential.

Identification of farm-in opportunities

Evaluation of currently licensed blocks to assess remaining potential in terms of drilling results to date, unexplored petroleum systems, undeveloped reserves and yet-to-find potential.

Risk assessment and chance of success

Assessment of risk and chance factor based on reservoir, seal, trap and source rock parameters. Ranking according to degree of risk.

Prospect evaluations

Evaluation of reservoir, seal, trap and source rock characteristics, burial history and stochastic calculation of potential reserves.

Reserves assessment

For countries, regions, basins and concessions. History of discoveries, cumulative reserves, production, remaining reserves, reserves replacement, yet-to-find oil and ultimate endowment.

Studies of individual fields

Structure, size, reservoir characteristics, seal, source rock, reserves, drilling history, Production history, reservoir behavior, depletion and remaining reserves.

Technical reports

On the above topics or on a combination of the above topics.


Task 3. Read the extracts from e-mails written by Paul Selby, the consultant petroleum geologist, to clients and potential clients. Which of the services is he writing about?

Задание 3. Прочитайте выдержки из письма геолога-консультанта Пола Селби своим клиентам. Ответьте на вопрос: «О каких услугах он пишет?»

1. We have carried out research into the drilling and production which have taken place at this field and our findings are as follows: …

2. According to our calculations, the chances of success in each of these reserves are as follows: ...

3. As you know, we have been operating in this region for some time and we have gathered a huge quantity of data that you might be interested in.

4. Approximately 70% of the block is currently licensed, but we believe that there are still exciting opportunities available among the remaining acreages.

5. We are pleased to accept your offer of contract to carry out evaluation of remaining potential in your F2 reserve offshore Equatorial Guinea.


Task 4. Read the reply that Paul Selby received from Adel Al-Jalawi. Fill in the gaps in the e-mail using modal verbs from the table below. Sometimes there may be more than one correct answer:

Задание 4. Прочитайте ответ, который получил Пол Селби от Адель-аль-Жалави. Заполните пропуски модальными глаголами, данными в рамочке. В некоторых случаях возможно несколько правильных ответов:

Would should could may


Dear Mr. Selby

Thank you very much for your e-mail. I remember our meeting and we were all impressed with the quality of your presentation and the detail of your research data. As I explained after we met, our reasons for deciding against investment in West Africa were political. A: the time, we felt that the region lacked the stability we required to make a firm long-term commitment. I believe it was the correct decision and that it (1) _____ have been a very risky venture two years ago.

Of course, we have been monitoring the situation, but we remain cautious as to whether we (2) _____ invest there or not. Nevertheless, we (3) _____ be very pleased to hear your views and you (4) _____ be able to convince us to go ahead. We (5) _____ be available for a meeting sometime in the week beginning 16th Feb. Please (6) ______ you let me know if you (7) _____ be able to travel to Qatar at that time? Jamila, my secretary (8) _____ be pleased to help you make any arrangements you (9) _____ need.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, Adel Al-Jalawi


Task 5. Here are some sentences that say the same thing, but in a different style, according to whether they come from formal or informal e-mails. Complete the sentences with one suitable word in each space:

Задание 5. Ознакомьтесь с разностилевыми синонимичными фразами, которые используются в письмах. Заполните пропуски, подходящими словами:

Informal Formal
1. (a) _____ lot for taking the time to (b) _____ in the other day Thank you very much for taking the time to meet me on Wednesday.
2. (c) _____ us know what you think. We would be very (d) _____ to hear your views on the subject.
3. Can you get (e) _____ to me a.s.a.p. I would be very (f) _____ if you could reply as soon as possible.
4. Have a good trip! May l (g) _____ you a successful trip!
5. (h) _____ ask if you need anything. Please don't (i) _____ to ask if you require any (j) _____ assistance.
6. (k) _____ forward to seeing you soon. We look forward to seeing you at your (i) _____ convenience.


Task 6. Look through a selection of openings and closings to e-mails and say which of these are informal and which of them are formal:

Задание 6. Просмотрите подборку фраз, которые используются в начале и в конце письма, и определите, к какому стилю они относятся:

Hi James, Dear MsO'Hea, Dear Sirs, Dear Olga, Hello Pete,..

Best wishes, Take care, Yours faithfully, Kind regards, Yours sincerely, ... .


Task 7. Write a formal e-mail to a client of your company. Describe briefly the services your company offers and ask for a meeting to present some more information:

Задание 7. Напишите официальное электронное письмо клиенту вашей компании. Опишите коротко те услуги, которые предоставляет ваша компания, и спросите о возможности встречи для предоставления дополнительной информации. Используйте выражения:

Use expressions:

Thank you very much…

We would be very pleased to…

I would be very grateful if…

May I wish you…

Please don’t hesitate to…

I look forward to meeting you.

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