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Укажите видо-временную форму глагола и переведите предложения письменно на русский язык.



I am doing this boring job now because I didn’t go to university. “am doing” – Present Progressive Tense Так как я не учился в университете, я выполняю теперь эту скучную работу.


1 I ____ (do) this boring job now because I didn’t go to university.

2 ____ it (rain) or not?

3 John ____ (drive) on Main Street, when his car ____ (break down).

4 She must know English well. She ____ (listen) to the BBC’s “English by Radio” programmes for three years.

5 ____ you (leave) at seven o’clock? - No, I ____ (leave) at 5.

6 What ____ you (do) on Sunday evening? - I ____ (go) to the theatre with my boyfriend.

7 When Mary ____ (come) home, her husband ____ (cook) dinner.

8 Meet me at the station at three o’clock. I ____ (look out) for you.

9 The student ____ (read), while the teacher ____ (explain) the new grammar rule.

10 ____ he (study) in London for two years? It’s rather strange. His English is rather poor, and he can’t make himself understood.



Переведите предложения письменно на русский язык и укажите функцию подчеркнутых частей предложений (Ving – Participle, Ving - Gerund).




He was accused of having spent a lot of money. “having spent” (a lot of money) – Ving – Perfect Gerund Active, функция предложного дополнения. Его обвинили в том, что он растратил много денег/Его обвинили в растрате большой суммы денег.



1 He was accused of having spent a lot of money.

2 Coming up to the door I found it locked.

3 Having lived in the country for many years, he spoke English without

a foreign accent.

4 On arriving at the hotel I was given a message.

5 He insisted on my being present at the conference.

6 The conference taking place in Paris is devoted to population growth.

7 I object to being criticized so stupidly.

8 His being a foreigner prevented him from getting a good job.




Перепишите предложения, заполняя пропуски соответствующими формами модальных глаголов “can”, “must” и их эквивалентами. Переведите предложения устно на русский язык.

1 The scientist ____ repeat the experiments because he had made a

number of mistakes (necessity).

2 He ____ read his report at the conference next week (ability).

3 Did you ____ evaluate the results of your research before the

experiments had been completed? (necessity)

4 The students ____ to get the necessary books from the library

(possibility, future/ past).

5 The researcher ____ (not) complete his research in such bad

conditions (possibility, present/ past).


Перепишите предложения, переведите их письменно на русский язык, определите форму и функцию подчеркнутых инфинитивов.


There are many suggestions to simplify English by changing the spelling system. "to simplify" - Indefinite Infinitive Active, функция определения. Существует немало предложений, как сделать английский язык более доступным для изучения, изменив систему правописания.

1 There were many suggestions to simplify English by changing the

spelling system.

2 The Russian learners of English, especially those who plan to go to

the USA to study or pursue a specific career goal, must be warned

against possible misunderstandings due to differences in British and

American English.

3 I’m sorry to have taken so much of your time.

4 Love is said to be blind.

5 To go on with this business is to waste time.

6 The company uses computers to do its accounts.

7 This is an order to the bank to pay money to someone from his account.

8 It is impossible for this cheque to be paid into any bank account other

than that of the named payee.

9 The developing and relatively poor countries are said to make up the

Third World.

10 Here are the articles to be translated by Monday.


Используя словообразовательные схемы, образуйте существительные (N), прилагательные (Adj) и наречия (Adv). Перепишите и переведите письменно на русский язык предложения, которые включают элементы словообразовательных схем. При необходимости обратитесь к списку вариантов перевода подчеркнутых слов, который приводится ниже.


profit speculate
-able -ability -eer   -ly -ing   -or -tion -ative   -ly


1 I profited by your advice and help.

2 She has certainly profited from spending a year at an American


3 The company hopes to return to profitability this year.

4 It’s a very profitable business.

5 The police have caught a few black market profiteers.

6 He was arrested for profiteering .

7 We sold our house at a profit.

8 I made a handsome profit from the sale of my car.

9 We don’t know all the circumstances, so it would be pointless

tospeculate on what happened.

10 He’d been speculating in shares and lost a lot of money.

11 His remarks have led to intensive speculation about the

possibility of tax cuts.

12 Speculation on the Exchange is a regular practice.

13 There’s some speculation that the President already knew about

the scandal.

14 Property speculators usually make a lot of money.

15 I can’t tell you exactly what happened. What I am telling you is

a speculative guess.

воспользоваться, рентабельность, прибыльный, спекулянт, пойти на пользу, выгодный, спекулирование, спекуляция, прибыль, доход, спекулировать, польза, выгода, получать прибыль;

размышлять, гипотеза, размышление, раздумывать, обдумывание, догадка, гипотетическое допущение, предположение.


Прочтите текст о преимуществах и недостатках деловых совещаний. На основе прочитанного текста соотнесите вопросы 1 – 6 с содержанием ответов A, B, C, D


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