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All's Well That Ends Well

It was about midnight when the letter arrived (прибывать, приходить). It dropped through the letterbox at John's feet. John was about (собирался) to lock (запирать) the door for the night. He opened the door and looked outside; there was nobody anywhere about. He closed the door slowly and looked at the letter. Yes, the letter was for him. He opened it. Inside there was a single sheet of paper, and on it were the words, "In ten minutes you will be dead" (``Через 10 минут ты умрешь''), John hurried to the telephone, lifted the receiver arid dialed 999. There was no answer. He tried again, then he realized the phone didn't work. Was there any connection between the useless phone and the letter?

He decided to go to the call box down the road. John opened the door and listened for a few seconds. All was quiet. He looked once more at the letter. At that moment the doorbell rang and somebody touched him on the shoulder...

"John, John!" someone said, "It's time to get up." John turned over in bed and saw his wife looking at him. "That's the last time I eat much before I go to bed," he said.


1. When did the letter arrive?

2. What did John do?

3. What did the letter say?

4. Did the phone work?

5. Where did he decide to go?

6. Was there anybody outside?

7. Whom did John see at his bed?

8. Why is the story called "All Is Well That Ends Well"?

17. Read the story and retell it:

A Day Off Work

Last Wednesday morning Bill rang Mr. Thomson, his boss, at the office and said that he was not well. "All right," said his boss. "You may stay in bed today if you are not well." Mr. Thomson liked Bill very much. At lunch time he bought some fruit and took it to Bill. Bill thanked him and said he would be able to come the next day.

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon Mr. Thomson locked his office door and switched on his portable TV set. He wanted to watch an important international football match. It was England against Brazil. Both teams (команда) were playing well. It was very-exciting. At 3.20 England scored a goal (забить гол). Mr. Thomson jumped out of his chair. He was very excited. He was smiling happily. When suddenly the cameraman focused on the crowd, Mr. Thomson stopped smiling and looked very angry. Bill's face was there on the screen. He didn't look ill at all.

1). Describe the next morning at the office. Use the words: to praise (хвалить), to punish (наказать), to fire (уволить), to shout at (кричать на), to discuss.



Topic: My Flat (House)


a semi-detached house один из двух особняков, имеющих общую стену  
suburb пригород, окраина  
a block of flats многоквартирный дом  
multistory многоэтажный  
traffic (уличное) движение  
cottage коттедж  
old-fashioned старомодный  
modern современный  
spy-hole глазок  
kitchen кухня  
rectangular table прямоугольный стол  
sink раковина  
cooker/stove плита, печь  
cooker hood вытяжка  
timer таймер  
corkscrew штопор  
pulley сушилка  
notice-board доска для заметок  
frontdoor входная дверь  
back door запасный выход  
(whistling) kettle чайник (со свистком)  
move переезжать  
be keen on smth. очень любить ч.-л., увлекаться ч.-л.  
give sm. a hand = help sm. помочь кому-либо  
settee небольшой диван; диванчик  
armchair кресло  
screwdriver отвёртка  
toolbox ящик для инструментов  
door hinges дверные петли  
brash щётка  
well-planned хорошо спланированный  
two-storied двухэтажный  
lawn лужайка, газон  
pantry кладовая  
living-room общая (жилая) комната  
sitting-room гостиная  
lounge гостиная  
dining-room столовая  
bedroom спальня  
double bed двуспальная кровать  
nursery детская  
bathroom ванная комната  
bath-tub ванна  
wash-basin умывальная раковина  
shower душ  
towel rack полка для полотенец  
study кабинет  
hall прихожая  
cosy уютный  
comfortable удобный  
own собственный  
furniture мебель  
built-in furniture встроенная мебель  
(set of) wall units секционная стенка  
standard-lamp торшер  
drinks cupboard шкаф-бар  
bedside cabinet прикроватная тумбочка  
bedside rug прикроватный коврик  
carpet ковёр  
vacuum-cleaner пылесос  
stool табурет  
electric alarm clock электрический будильник  
dressing stool туалетный пуфик  
dressing table туалетный столик  
microwave oven микроволновая печь  
refrigerator (fridge) (Am. ice-box) холодильник  
gas-(electric-)stove газовая (электрическая) кухонная плита  
mixer миксер  
toaster тостер  
chip pan фритюрница  
food processor кухонный комбайн
coffee maker кофеварка
electric coffee grinder электрокофемолка
dishwasher (dishwashing machine) электропосудомойка
miner (Am. Meat chopper) мясорубка
pot (cooking pot) кастрюля
frying pan сковорода
jug кувшин
dish drainer сушилка для посуды
wastepaper basket корзина для мусора
wardrobe (Am. Clothes closet) гардероб, платяной шкаф
chimney дымовая труба
attic чердак
chest of drawers комод
music centre музыкальный центр
coffee table низкий столик
convenient удобный
modern conveniences современные удобства
central heating центральное отопление
(cold and hot) running water водопровод
electricity электричество
gas газ
telephone телефон
rubbish chute мусоропровод
lift (Br.), elevator (Am.) лифт
radiator батарея
spice rack полочка для специй
pot plant, a foliage plant горшок с цветком
curtains шторы
curtain rail карниз для занавесей
ceiling потолок
floor пол, этаж
wall стена

Some Good Rules

1. East or West, home is best.

2. Dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroad.

3. There's no place like home.

4. Home is home, though it be never so homely.

5. Englishman's home is his castle.

My Favourite Room

My favourite room is our kitchen. Perhaps the kitchenis the most important room in many houses, but it is particularly so in our house because it's not only where we cook and eat but it's also the main meeting place for family and friends. I have so many happy memories of times spent there: special occasions such as homecomings* or cooking Christmas dinner; troubled times, which lead to comforting cups of tea in the middle of the night; ordinary daily events such as making breakfast on dark, cold winter mornings for cross, sleepy children before sending them off to school, then sitting down to read the newspaper with a steaming hot mug of coffee.

Whenever we have a party, people gravitate with their drinks to the kitchen. It always ends up the fullest and noisiest room in the house.

So what does this special room look like? It's quite big, but not huge. It's big enough to have a good-sized rectangular tablein the centre, which is the focal point* of the room. There is a large window above the sink,which looks out onto two apple trees in the garden. The cookeris at one end, and above it is a wooden pulley,which is old-fashioned but very useful for drying clothes in wet weather. At the other end is a wall with a large notice-board,which tells the story of our lives, past, present, and future, in words and pictures: a school photo of Megan and Kate, a postcard from Auntie Nancy in Australia, the menu from a takeaway Chinese restaurant, a wedding invitation for next Saturday. All our world is there for everyone to read!

The front dooris seldom used in our house, only by strangers. All our friends use the back door,which means they come straight into the kitchen and join in whatever is happening there. The kettlegoes on immediately and then we all sit round the table, drinking tea and putting the world to rights! Without doubt some of the happiest times of my life have been spent in our kitchen.

(from Headway. New English Course Intermediate

Liz & John Soars)


homecoming-- возвращение домой из отлучки. focal point - центр.

* * *

Jack:Hello, Pete!

Pete: Nice to see you. Come in, please.

Jack: Oh, this is a wonderful new flat!

Pete: Yes, it is, and so close to the centre.

Jack: How many rooms are there in your fiat?

Pete: Come and see... This is the kitchen, the bathroom is on the right.

Jack: Oh, the kitchen is so large! I like big kitchens.

Pete: And here is the dining room. We have little furniture here. We want to have some armchairs, a sofa and some more things.

Jack: Are you on the phone? (У вас есть телефон?)

Pete: It's a pity, we aren't yet... Let me introduce you to my wife.

Pete's wife: How do you dо. I hope you'll enjoy our housewarming party.

Arranging the House

Barbara: Give me a hand with this sideboard, Charles. I want it over there by the settee.

Charles: Don't you think it would be better under that picture by the armchair?

Barbara: No. The picture isn't staying there anyway. I only hung it on the wall

because it was in the way on the floor. We can arrange the pictures when

all the furniture is in place.

Charles: Where did I put my big screwdriver? It's not in the toolbox and I want to

tighten up these loose screws on the door hinges.

Barbara: You had it in your hand when you went into the kitchen just now. Perhaps

you left it there.

Charles: Yes, I think I put it down on the shelf above the sink. I'll go and fetch it.

Barbara: Pass me that brash behind the chair before you go; and take your tools off

that nice polished table. You'll spoil all our furniture before you finish.

Charles: Don't keep on nagging. I've got to put them somewhere. By the way, have

you seen the cat this morning? You didn't shut him outside last night, did

you? He'll get lost.

Barbara: No. He's definitely inside the house. I expect he's fed up with all the fuss

and noise. He's probably crept into a cupboard somewhere and gone to


Charles: That's just what I'd like to do. I'm tired of it all as well.


1. Use the right word from those given in brackets:

1. There is a ... in my study room, (table, kitchen, desk)

2. Is there any ...in that room? (cooker, furniture, fridge)

3. There is no ...in the house, it is cold in winter. (mirror, fireplace, telephone)

4. Is there ... in your kitchen? (hot water, garage, computer)

5. There is no balcony in my ... . (garden, room, bathroom)

6. There are two large ... in the sitting room. (TV sets, wardrobes, windows)

7. Is there a ... in your sitting room? (bath, desk, TV set)

3. We have a table and some ...in the dining room. (chairs, bookshelves, beds)

9. Have you got any bookshelves in your ...? (kitchen, garden, study room)

10. They have no ... on Sunday. (visitors, teachers, students) 11. They have two ... near the fireplace. (beds, armchairs, tables) 12. ... the sofa he has a bookcase. (under, to the right of, over)

2. Change the following sentences into interrogative and negative:

There is a round table in the middle of the room. 2. There are many flowers on the windows. 3. It is a modern two-storeyed cottage. 4. There is a study in our flat. 5.1 have a room of my own. 6. There are many fruit-trees in our garden. 7. We must go home now. 8. Pete lives on the third floor. 9. The furniture in my room is modern and quite new. 10. On the right you can see a standard-lamp. 11. There is a settee in the comer of the room. 12. There are many Russian and English books in the bookcase. 13. The floor is covered with a beautiful thick carpet. 14. There are all modem conveniences in my aunt's flat. 15. The clock on the wall is five minutes slow.

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