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Exercise 22. Report the following requests and orders.

1. The teacher, “Don’t be late, Peter.” 2. The guard, “Turn back.” 3. George, “Don’t speak over the phone when I’m listening to music, Betty.” 4. The guide, “Mind the steps.” 5. Mother, “Don’t eat so many cakes, children.” 6. Peter, “Wait for me, Ann.” 7. The teacher, “Don’t forget to take your text-book, Jim.” 8. Mum, “Remember to post the letter, Kate.” 9. Sue, “Don’t leave the door open.” 10. The officer, “Open the fire.” 11. Mary, “Don’t drive too fast or the baby will be sick.” 12. His mother, “Don’t forget to thank Mrs. Jones.”


Exercise 23. Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

1. Я попросил Джека дать мне его словарь. 2. Кондуктор сказал пассажирам не выскакивать (get off) из автобуса на ходу. (while/go) 3. Учитель попросил студента стереть с доски. 4. Мама попросила меня закрыть окно. 5. Он напомнил мне отправить письмо. 6. Отец запретил детям входить в его кабинет. 7. Инспектор предупредил нас, что здесь стоянка запрещена. (to park) 8. Гид посоветовал нам посетить этот музей. 9. Мать предупредила детей, что им нельзя ходить в лес одним. 10. Я попросила Ника провести меня на вокзал.

Exercise 24. Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech.

1. The teacher asked Tom, “Do you come to school by bus or on foot?” 2. A man stopped me in the street and asked, “Have you got a match?” 3. The teacher asked us, “Do you understand the question?” 4. Henry’s father asked his son, “Do you want to be an engineer or a doctor?” 5. I asked Peter, “Are you going to play football on Friday?” 6. He asked his secretary, “Has the postman come yet?” 7. Ann’s mother asked her, “Are you tired?” 8. He asked his friend, “Do you like the wine?” 9. I asked Frank, “Did you buy a new car?” 10. Ann’s father asked her, “Have you finished the work?” 11. I asked my sister, “Will you go to Italy in summer?”


Exercise 25. Translate the sentences.

1. Гид спросил туристов, не устали ли они. 2. Я спросила своих гостей, хорошо ли они спали. 3. Он поинтересовался, часто ли мы ходим в театр. 4. Он хотел узнать, долго ли работает у нас мистер Долби. 5. Она спросила меня, будет ли на вечеринке Эдвард. 6. Она спросила меня, видел ли я Джона в последнее время. 7. Хозяин отеля поинтересовался, понравился ли мне мой номер. 8. Она спросила, работаем ли мы сейчас.


Exercise 26. Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech.

1. Mother asked Jane, “What are you doing here?” 2. Margaret asked Richard, “Where are you going for your holidays?” 3. Ann asked Mary, “What do you usually have for breakfast?” 4. The inspector asked, “Who caused the accident?” 5. Mary’s mother asked her, “Where have you put your shoes?” 6. The teacher asked Bob, “When did you learn to swim?” 7. The teacher asked, “Which number can be divided by three?” 8. Peter asked me, “When are you going to have dinner?” 9. The policeman asked me, “Where did you lose your wallet?” 10. The teacher came into the classroom and asked the pupils, “What are you doing?” 11. I asked Bob, “Why didn’t you answer my letter?” 12. There was a crowd in the street. I asked a man in the crowd, “What is the matter?” 13. Father asked, “When will lunch be ready?” 14. The little boy asked his father, “Why does the policeman wear a uniform?” 15. I asked him, “Who are you looking at?” 16. The nurse asked, “Who is the next, please?” 17. The man asked his friend, “When did you buy your car?”


Exercise 27. Translate into English.

1. Они спросили меня, когда начинается мой рабочий день. 2. Он спросил, какую музыку любят мои друзья. 3. Мы спросили его, кто из его друзей знает два иностранных языка. 4. Журналисты спросили писателя, над какой книгой он работает. 5. Она спросила меня, где я был вчера. 6. Они спросили моего друга, как он провел каникулы. 7. Я спросил у неё, где ей сшили пальто. 8. Я спросила у него, какие еще французские книги он прочитал за последнее время. 9. Друзья спросили у него, куда он ездил в прошлое воскресенье. 10. Родители спросили нас, что мы собираемся делать летом. 11. Жена спросила, почему он не купил хлеб. 12. Мы спросили преподавателя, как мы сдали экзамен. 13. Она спросила его, когда он видел Лену в последний раз. 14. Они спросили меня, когда я позвоню своим родителям. 15. Я спросил его, когда он собирается закончить эту работу.


Exercise 28. Report the questions.

1. She asked him, “Why did you make me go out tonight?” 2. I said to Jim, “Where were you last month?” 3. She says to me, “Do you think it is right?” 4. The writer said to the editor, “Will the book have been published by spring?” 5. He says, “What are you doing there, Liz?” 6. She asked me, “Are these articles still being printed?” 7. He said to her, “Why don’t you spend a few days with Alice?” 8. Sheila asked Kate, “Have you got married?” 9. Lucy asked Jo, “Why wasn’t the doctor sent for?” 10. He said to Bert, “When was all this decided?”


Exercise 29. Report the following questions.

1. “Who put salt in my coffee?” he asked. 2. “How can I run in high-heeled shoes?” she enquired. 3. Whose car did you borrow last night?” I said to him. 4. “What was she wearing when you saw her last?” the policeman asked me. 5. “Have you done this work before?” said his new employer. 6. “Is he a scientist or an arts graduate?” Mary asked me. 7. “Are there playing fields near the school?” the parents asked the headmaster. 8. “Are you sorry for what you did?” the mother asked the little boy. 9. “Why do you think it may be dangerous?” he asked her. 10. “Do you know that the shoes you are wearing aren’t a pair?” I asked him.


Exercise 30. Correct the errors.

1. She asked him where he came from. 2. She asked who Bill had been. 3. She asked me why the tree was cut down. 4. We asked them if they are able to come to our place earlier. 5. The customs officer asked me if I had had anything to declare. 6. Betty said she was busy the next day. 7. She asked me if these books were mine. 8. He asked me to have done everything at once. 9. The teacher told us to stay here. 10. She asked me if she saw me before.


Exercise 31. Make the sentences direct.

1. He told her that he would help her. 2. Mike told Maurice that he had rung him an hour before. 3. She asked him to come in. 4. She told him she would do all she could. 5. She asked him if he was not homesick sometimes. 6. She asked him if he would come back that day. 7. He asked her what she was going to do. 8. He advised her not to hesitate to say anything she wanted to. 9. He asked her to tell him a joke. 10. She warned him if he did not hurry up he would be late.


Exercise 32. Put the following into Indirect Speech.

1. “I have something to tell you,” I said to her. 2. “It isn’t so rainy today as it was yesterday,” I remarked. 3. “I’ll come with you as soon as I’m ready,” she replied. 4. “If you leave home at six, you should be here by nine,” he said to me. 5. “If it rains today it will be too wet to play tennis tomorrow,” the captain said. 6. “I was going to do it tomorrow,” he said, “but now I don’t think I’ll be able to.” 7. “Which team has won?” asked Ann. 8. “Who is playing next week?” he asked. 9. “What platform does the train leave from?” asked Bill. 10. “When was the timetable changed?” I asked. 11. “Have you reserved a seat?” I asked him. 12. “Did you play for your school team?” said Bill. 13. “Make good use of your time. You won’t get such an opportunity again,” he said to us. 14. “Be very careful when crossing roads,” she said, “and remember to drive on the right.” 15. “Don’t touch it. You will only make it worse,” he told me. 16. “Would you please take off your shoes?” Keiko said to him. 17. “You can’t park here,” said the police officer. 18. “I’ll see you in the morning, Helen,” said Peter. 19. “I’m taking the 5.30 train tomorrow evening,” said Janet. 20. “The trousers have to be ready this afternoon,” said Paul. 21. “I left my umbrella here two days ago,” said Susan. 22. “I think it’s going to rain tonight,” said William. 23. “What time does the film start, Peter?” I asked. 24. “Why did you apply for this job?” asked the sales manager. 25. “Are you taking much money with you to France?” asked the bank manager. 26. “When will I know the results of the examination?” asked Jenny. 27. “Are you enjoying your flight?” asked the stewardess. 28. “How does this camera work?” I asked the salesman. 29. “Have you ever been to Russia, Paul?” asked Ben. 30. “Do you watch television every evening, Sue?” asked the interviewer.


Exercise 33. Change these sentences into Indirect Speech (reported some later).

1. He’s ill. (She thought) 2. I’ll be back tomorrow. (He said) 3. I don’t like this music. (She said) 4. Where’s the bus station? (She asked me) 5. Have you finished? (I asked him) 6. Nobody loves me. (I felt) 7. Do you want tea or coffee? (He asked her) 8. I’ll clean the flat. (She offered) 9. When is the car going to be ready? (I asked) 10. What am I doing here? (I wondered) 11. These figures can’t be right. (I knew) 12. Her cat understands everything she says. (She thought) 13. What does the boss want? (I asked) 14. Did Mary phone back? (I wondered) 15. You ought to see the doctor. (He advised me) 16. Would you like a drink? (She asked him)


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