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Скажите, что вы и другие делала некоторое время назад

Преобразуйтепредложенияв Future Indefinite Tense.

a) Pattern: He works hard He will work hard. 1.He reads a lot. 2.She works hard. 3.I am never late. 4.I have tea in the morning. 5.Mary thought about the play. 6.It rained heavily in the evening. 7.You are again on holiday. 8.They brought their friends home. b) Образуйтевопросыиотрицание 1.It will snow in the morning. 2.Не will become a good engineer. 3.She will translate this article tomorrow. 4.The manager will answer your question on Saturday. 5.We shall review these rules in some days. 6.This medicine will do her good. 7.We shall return home the day after tomorrow. 8.They will move to a new flat next week.
c) Заменитепообразцу Pattern:I shall cook dinner. I am going to cook dinner. 1.I shall learn the poem tomorrow. 2.They will grow apples in their garden. 3.You will open the box. 4.Her father will buy her a bicycle for her birthday. 5.She will play the piano for us. 6.I shall solve this problem tomorrow. 7.That will happen soon. d) Образуйте Future Simple1. He (be) here soon. 2. The dress (be) ready tomorrow. 3. They (be) at the station in timefor the 10.30 train. 4. I (know) the result in a day. 5. I (be) twenty years old next year. 6. They (remember) you well. 7. When he (come) back? 8. When he comes, I (apologize) to him. 9. I (not see) this beautiful city again. 10. I (recognize)hispicturesanywhere.


Задание 11

Ответьте на вопросы, обращая внимание на использованиеPresentIndefiniteTenseв придаточных времени и условия.

Pattern:What will you do if he comes today? (to ask him to help me)

If he comes today, I shall ask him to help me. (I'll)

1.What will you do if you pass your exam? (to go to the cinema)

2.What will she do when she finishes reading the text?(to translate it)

3.What will you do if it doesn’t rain? (to go to the country)

4.What will you do if he feels bad? (to send for a doctor)

5.What will you do if you receive a letter? (to answer it)

6.What will they do when summer comes? (to go to the seaside)

7.What will the teacher do if you ask him a question? (toanswerit)


Задание 12

a) Прочитайте и переведите следующие предложе­ния.

Without your smile the sun won't shine, and if the sun doesn't shine, the birds won't sing. And if the birds don't sing, no one will bother to get out of bed, and if no one gets out of bed, the world will be a dull, lifeless place!

B) Перефразируйте и дополните предложения согласно образцу.

Образец: Maybe it'll be nice tomorrow. - If it is nice tomorrow, I’ll go to the park.

1. Maybe it'll snow next week. 2. Perhaps it'll be too late in an hour. 3. Maybe the boss will have more time after lunch. 4. Maybe it won't rain in the morning. 5. Evidently everybody will leave at the end of the week. 6. Maybe we'll have enough money some day. 7. I hope father will have some free time on Saturday. 8. Maybe David won't come to class tomorrow. 9. I think you'll be hungry after class. 10. Maybe he'll win the contest. 11. Maybe she will marry this fellow. 12. Perhaps this doctor will help you. 13. Maybe we'll be lucky. 14. It looks like rain outside.

c) Откройтескобки, используяthe Present Indefinite and the Future Indefinite.

a. 1. When he (call) I (give) him a piece of my mind. 2. I (be) at home if you (need) anything.
3. They (be) in the gallery if you (decide) to speak to them. 4. If they (want) your advice,
they (get) in touch with you. 5. If you (have) anything to report, put it in writing and send it to

b.1. I (write) you about it when I (have) time. 2. He (wait) until they (send) for him. 3. He (be)
all right when this (be) over. 4. I'd like to ask you a few more questions before you (go).

c. 1. I (not know) when they (come) to see us. 2. Ask him if he (stay) for dinner. 3. I (wonder)
if we ever (see) each other again. 4. I (be) not sure if they (be) in time. 5. He can't tell us
when the motor (start).



Тема з

Задание 1

a)задайте общий вопрос
Pattern: I was sitting here, when he came.
Were you sitting here, when he came?
1. They were having dinner at half past two yesterday.
2. She was hurrying to the theatre when 1 met her yesterday.
3. His daughter was washing her dress when the door-bell rang.
4. They were discussing their plans at 4 p.m. yesterday.
5. Her son was painting a picture when she came home.
6. He was looking through the newspaper when he saw that advertisement. b)Задайте разделительный вопрос
Pattern: He was playing.
He was playing, wasn’t he?
1. You were going to tell him about it.
2. He was writing a novel during that summer.
3. We were reviewing grammar all day yesterday.
4. They were not waiting for the manager.
5. The teacher was explaining the rule.
6. Mother was cooking dinner.
7. Your parents were not speaking to you.

c)Образуйте отрицание
Pattern: They will be taking a French lesson at 5 p.m. tomorrow.
They won’t be taking a French lesson at 5 p.m. tomorrow.
1. They will be learning next week.
2. We shall be watching TV when you come.
3. I shall be playing the piano at this time tomorrow.
4. They will be playing hockey at 5 o’clock tomorrow.
5. You will be writing a dictation at 2 o'clock tomorrow.
6. I shall be speaking over the phone when you come to me.
d) задайте общие вопросы
Pattern: He will be dancing at 7 p.m. tomorrow.
Will he be dancing at 7 p.m. tomorrow?
1. I’ll be working at my French at 12 o’clock tomorrow.
2. She’ll be making a report at this time tomorrow.
3. We’ll be watching TV tonight.
4. You’ll be waiting for me at 3 p.m. tomorrow.
5. My sister will be explaining this rule to me when you come.
6. She will be playing the piano at 9 p.m. tomorrow.
7. He will be working in the lab at the usual time tomorrow.
8. I shall be seeing her tomorrow.
9. She will be leaving for Kiev soon

Задание 2

Model They are taking their mathematics exam now.
Are they taking their mathematics exam now?
They are not taking their mathematics exam now.

1. We are doing grammar exercises now. 2. He is working at this problem at present. 3. I am doing a grammar exercise. 4. Sam was writing down the data during the experiment. 5. They were working at 6 o’clock yesterday. 6. She will be working at her graduation project the whole evening tomorrow.

Задание 3

Задайте вопросы к подчеркнутым словам.

1.My son was having breakfast at that time yesterday.

2.He was painting this picture at 3 p.m. yesterday.

3.The boys were playing chess when we came in.

4.She was speaking about Russian customs when they knocked at the door.

5.My father was smoking when I entered the room.

Задание 4

Скажите, что вы и другие делала некоторое время назад

Образец:The whole day yesterday I was busy.(write an article) -I was writing an article.

1. At 11 a.m. on Saturday I was at the university, (write a test) 2. We were in the country on the weekend.(fish) 3. All day long yesterday I was out. (work in the garden) 4. At 7 o'clock yesterday evening we were still at the office.(have a meeting) 5. From 10 till 12 on Sunday Victor was busy.(repair the TV set) 6. At 10 a.m. yesterday I was at home. ( clean the flat). 7. Yesterday afternoon we were at the stadium.(play football)


Задание 5

e.g.- Look, it's getting dark.(it, rain, in a few minutes) It'll be raining in a few minutes.

1. I don't think they will come. (move to a new flat) 2. What are your plans for tonight? (take a friend to a concert) 3. My vacation is coming to an end (re-turn to the university, in two days) 4. Stay a little longer. (we, have supper, in a few minutes) 5. You are looking tired. (I, get a holiday soon) 6. I'm going to speak to Mr. Smith about it. (see him tonight) 7. My mother is coming by the 6 o'clock train. (meet her at the station) 8. Jane is packing her things. (leave tonight)

Тема 4

Задание 1Переведите предложения. Объясните употребление глагольных форм.

1. Look. Dick has brought a record. 2. He hasn't given me the book yet. 3. I've just come from a very important meeting. 4. They have received a lot of letters. 5. John is hungry because he hasn't had any breakfast. 6. I have just spoken to my boyfriend on the phone. 7. I haven't sent a letter to my mother yet. 8. Have you ever swum in the Atlantic Ocean? 9. Have you caught much fish today?

Задание 2

a)Образуйте Present Perfect Pattern:I read the book I have read the book. (I've read this book). 1.He saw this film 2.She wrote a new book. 3.He answered my question. 4.Mr. Smith spoke to me about it. 5.I heard about the play. 6.She made two mistakes in her dictation. 7.They went to the theatre tonight. 8.We read a play by Shakespeare. 9.You left your book at home. 10.John gave us the tickets. b)Задайтеобщийвопрос Pattern:Jane has seen this film. (Jane’s seen this film) Has Jane seen this film? 1.Mother has told me to answer the letter. 2.I’ve enjoyed the performance. 3.This painter has lived in Paris for a long time. 4.Granny has prepared the dinner. 5.He’s written a letter to his parents. 6.They’ve seen this film. 7.You’ve written this exercise. 8.She’s finished her work. 9.You’ve received some letters from him this week.
c)Задайте вопросы к подчеркнутым словам 1.They’ve never been to any foreign countries. (2). 2.We’ve already seen this new film.(3). 3.His friend has translated two English books into Russian. (3). 4.They’ve never lived here. (2). 5.They’ve sent us several telegramslately (4). d)Переведите предложения в соответствии с указателями в (). 1.Я написал письмо (today) (yesterday). 2.Я видел его (last month) (just). 3.Вы проделали большую работу (this week, last week). 4.Ваш друг был в Лондоне (this year, last year). 5.Были ли вы в Ленинграде?(this month, last month).

Задание 3

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