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Exercise . Fill the gaps with suitable words from the list below.

Лексический минимум по специальности «ТЕАТР»

Dress rehearsal-генеральная репетиция

Matinee-утреннее представление

Evening performance-вечернее представление

Opera glasses-бинокль

Cast-состав участников


To be at one’s best/worst-быть в форме (не в форме)


Crowd scenes-массовые сцены

Theatre-goer-любитель театра


Touring company-гастролирующая труппа


Make-up man-гример

Prompter суфлер

Booking office- касса


First night/premier-премьера (первое исполнение)

New performance-новый спектакль


To produce-ставить спектакль





The Drama\The Puppet\Satire\Operetta Theatre -Театр Драматический\Кукольный\Сатиры\Оперетты

The Opera House-Оперный театр


Dress circle-бельэтаж

Upper circle-первый ярус






Stage presentation-сценическое воплощение пьесы

Cast-состав действующих лиц

Setting designer-художник-декоратор


Setting-декорации к опрделенной сцене

Property department-место действия

Dress rehearsal-генеральная репетиция

Full House-полный зал


Behind the wings\behind the scenes-за кулисами

Standing room-стоячие места

Variety show-эстрадный концерт

Ticket agency-межтеатральные билетные кассы, бюро по продаже билетов

Ticket sharks- лица, спекулирующие билетами

To mill about (in the crowd)- толкаться, вертеться у входа, кассы


To play the part\role of-исполнять роль


Character-действующее лицо


Dressing room-артистическая уборная

Stagehand-рабочий сцены

Curtain call-вызов актера на сцену аплодисментами или криками


Scene-сцена из спектакля

Act-акт, играть роль

People’s Artist of the …народный артист

Honoured Artist of the ….заслуженный артист



To produce\stage the play-ставить пьесу


Tragic Actor-актер, играющий трагические роли

An area from opera by….-ария из оперы

An Overture to an opera-увертюра к опере



To sing-петь, исполнять арию

Excellent acting-отличная игра

Poor acting-плохая игра

Realistic\original treatment-реалистическое отображение

Lifelike acting (of a role)-правдивая игра


Conductor-дирижер оркестра


Leading\chief actor-ведущий актер, главное действующее лицо

To buy a program to see who is in the cast today-купить программу, чтобы знать кто сегодня занят в спектакле

To perform\act\dance the part-исполнять, играть, танцевать роль, партию

To applaud-аплодировать

To be a success\to be popular with the public-пользоваться успехом у зрителей

To have seats in the front row of the stalls-сидеть в первом ряду партера

A play in three acts and five scenes-пьеса в трех актах и пяти сценах



To direct a play-осуществить режиссуру спектакля

Title-role-заглавная роль

Encore-вызов на бис

To be completely carried away by the acting-быть полностью захваченным игрой

Versatile actor-одаренный актер, разноплановый актер

An all-star cast-первый состав

Summer tour-летние гастроли

To take the house by storm-вызвать восторг у публики

Artificial, stilted acting-искусственная игра



How was it?-какие у вас впечатления?

To be a great success-пользоваться успехом у зрителей

The house is full-зал полон

How did you like the acting?-как вам понравилась игра актеров

The leading lady-актриса, исполняющая главную роль

The leading man-актер, исполняющая главную роль

Talented -талантливый

To act with great feeling-играть с большим чувством

Amateur любитель

Amateur performance-самодеятельность

I enjoyed it immensely-я получил огромное удовольствие

It was a waste of time-зря только потратил время

To be a complete failure- иметь полный провал

The play (film) is no good-пьеса никуда не годится

The action is slow-действие развивается медленно

Dull-скучный, нудный

To be bored-скучать

Virtue Triumphs-Добро побеждает зло. Добродетель восторжествует.

Happy ending-счастливое завершение

To reflect smth-отображать, воспроизводить

To judge-судить, составлять мнение

Judging by it (by what you said)- судя по этому

To keep a seat for smb-занимать для кого-то место

The seat is taken-место занято

The seat is vacant-место свободно

Entrance to the theatre (club)-вход в театр (клуб)

We have seats in the tenth row- наши места в десятом ряду

What’s on in the local cinema?—что идет в соседнем кинотеатре?

Read the text paying attention to the key words.

A night at the theatre


Here we are outside the theatre. It is the Library Theatre which is underneath the Central Library in Manchester. We are going to see a modern play which is very popular with theatre-goers. A lot of members of the company took part in it’s production: directors, producers, actors, scriptwriters, make-up men, stage managers, prompters, etc.

Passing through the revolving door and down the stairs we come to the box-office where the tickets are sold. Luckily we booked our seats a few weeks ago or we would not be able to get in, because for this performance all the seats had already been sold. It is so popular in the repertoire of the theatre that it is the second time the play has been produced here. It’s first performance (premiere) was in 1981.

We leave our coats in the cloak–room. At the entrance to the theatre itself an attendant in the uniform tears our theatre tickets in half. He gives us our halves back so that we can find our seats by their numbers. Another attendant shows us to our seats and sells us a programme that will tell us which parts the actors are playing and how many acts there are in the play. Then we take our seats about halfway down the auditorium.

All around us people are settling down into their seats, talking, reading their programmes, passing chocolates. Everybody is excited, looking forward to the performance. We all have a clear view of thestage because the seats are set on wide steps which slope down to the level of the stage. On the front row, you are so close you can smell the paint on the scenery but not too close to spoil your view of the actors. Even on the back row you have a perfect view of the stage because it is a small theatre.

This auditorium holds only 300 seats, but many Drama Theatres and Opera Houses are much larger. In a small theatre you can always be sure to hear and see everything and really feel that you are with the actors in everything they do and on all places they visit. But many plays are produced in very large theatres where there are sometimes so many stalls (ground-floor seats), that they are divided into orchestra stalls, centre stalls, rear stalls and circles with the pit behind them. Above, there is the dress circle, upper circle and boxes, then the balcony and, high above, the gallery, or the “gods”!

The auditorium seems to be full now. In a few minutes the play will begin. People whisper excitedly. Slowly the curtain goes up and the footlights begin to come up on the stage.


Exercise . Fill the gaps with suitable words from the list below.


Opera House scenery curtain actresses
boxes box-office pit theatres
gallery stalls audience actors

Theatres are very much the same in London as anywhere else; the chief theatres are in the West End. There you can see most of the famous English ___________ and ___________. As a rule, the performances are magnificently staged - costumes, dresses, ____________, everything being done on the most lavish scale. Choose a good play, and you’ll enjoy yourself thoroughly from the moment the ____________ goes up to the end of the last act. Get your seat beforehand, either at the _____________ of the theatre or at one of the agencies.

The best seats at theatres are those in the ___________, the circle, and the upper circle. Then comes the ___________, and last of all the ___________, where the seats are the cheapest. ____________, of course, are the most expensive. Most ____________ and music-halls have good orchestras with popular conductors.

You ought to make a point of going to the ____________ at least once during the season, if you can. There you can get the best of everything – an excellent orchestra, famous conductors and a well-dressed ____________. But of course, if you are not fond of music and singing, opera won’t interest you.

Britain is the country of traditions. Some of them are found in theatrical life too. For instance, an old tradition forbids any theatrical _______________ on Sunday. And there is even a special organization which sees to it that the rule is not broken (“The Lord’s Day Observance Society”).

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